Air Force One

Sticking with my limo theme from a previous post, here is the ultimate limo!  Air Force One – an American icon and one of many limos at the President’s disposal.  Many are thrilled to see this beast arrive; however, it creates quite the hassle for air traffic anywhere close to this flying command center. Air Force One has a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) that follows it as it flies. Specifically, the TFR ranges from 30 to 40 miles in a radius around the aircraft – creating a 60 to 80 mile diameter sphere around the plane as it flies. Think about the size of that…and then think about how much travel occurs during an election time as the president zips all over the country campaigning.  An airport will completely shut down 10-15 minutes before Air Force One’s scheduled arrival and will remain shutdown until 10-15 minutes after it has parked and unloaded its critical cargo.  It can make for some frustrating delays and backups!

Lucky for me, this time we arrived after the traffic jam had subsided and the president was long gone.  I was able to zoom in and get some good images.  The control tower and clouds in the background make for an interesting composition.  Enjoy!

Bonus points to anyone who can guess what airport these were taken from!