Newborn Session


What to expect…

When should I schedule my session?  We will pre-schedule a session five days AFTER the due-date.  My goal is to capture baby between 5-8 days old but no later than 10 days old.  Please inform me of when baby is born as soon as you can to set the final session date.

–  Why so soon? Within these first critical days, newborns retain more “womb memory.” In other words, they are easier to pose and have a greater chance of sleeping more soundly. At about 10 days, they begin to stretch and fight the tight curling that defines newborn imagery. They also sleep less deeply and are more prone to being startled.

Where will my session be?  Want to stay home or feel more comfortable at home? Not a problem! I can shoot on location or in my home studio.  It will be warm in the studio…babies sleep better and are more comfortable when the temperature is high (womb like) – keep yourself comfortable by wearing layers that you can remove.

–  If at your home, find a place with lots of natural lighting and windows and clear that area as much as possible…turn up your heat or use space heaters to warm the room. A heating blanket can be useful for “pre-heating” any props.

When will I get my pictures?  Your photos should be ready for viewing within two weeks and delivery is typically within 4-6 weeks.

Being Prepared…

Be prepared for a lengthy session – plan on 1.5 to 3 hours – we are on baby time!

We want the baby to be full and sleepy – this allows me to mold and pose the baby easier while he/she is sleeping.  

Please try to keep your little bundle awake for at least an hour before the session.  Have baby fed before you arrive and I’ll ask you to feed baby again once you get here.  I understand you may be on a schedule; however we may have to tweak it a bit. Baby will be calling the shots! Keeping baby happy will ensure the best pictures!

–  If the session is at your house, please start to feed baby about 15 minutes before we are scheduled to begin.

If you are bottle feeding, bring extras…and I don’t me just one bottle.  Bring double what you think you should bring.  We want baby full and sleepy!

About an hour before the session, loosen the tabs on the diaper…we don’t want diaper marks in the images.

If there are additional siblings around please have someone around to watch them and keep them occupied.  We’d hate to have baby woken or startled in the middle of the session.  I will ask for them to come in when/if needed.

–  This is not the time for visitors!

What should baby wear?  Quite honestly…nothing!  Newborns photograph best in the nude to convey their tiny size.

What should I wear?  Where something light and comfortable keeping in mind it will be warm! Mom and Dad make great backdrops for baby photos.  Wear either black,white or dark shirt with jeans.  Solid colors work best, no graphics, no patterns, and no logos!  Bring a change of clothes for yourself in case of any baby accidents!

Do I NEED to bring anything with?  Not besides the baby, but here are a few things to think about…

Bring anything you would like to include in the portraits: a blanket, blocks that spell out baby’s name, a stuffed animal, jewelry, toy etc.  They add a nice personalized touch to your baby’s portraits.

Feeding supplies – Bring anything you will need to nurse or feed the baby (extra formula or bottle of breast milk).

Pacifier or binky – I will need this to help soothe the baby.  I understand if you’re nursing and not using one yet but please bring one.