Maternity Session


When should I schedule?  We’ll generally schedule the maternity session about 6 weeks before the due date.

Where will the session be held? – Do you have a spot already picked put? Fantastic!  If not, no need to worry! Do you have a favorite park? A memorable location in your life or relationship? A basic list of places you visit in your free time (parks, restaurants, cafes, etc.) will help me personalize a spot just for you!  If you’re looking for a more intimate setting we can accomplish everything in the comfort of your own home too!

Who can I bring with?  Daddy/partner, siblings and pets (as long as someone can watch them) are encouraged to join us!  Our pets are part of our families too, so I like to include them when possible.

The maternity session options are wide open and depend on your level of comfort!


Being prepared…

First and foremost…RELAX! You’ve been planning the last 7-8 months there is nothing you “need” to do but be yourself and enjoy your surroundings. That being said here are a few helpful hints…

What should I wear?  Wear what you feel comfortable with and in! Types of clothing that work well are bath robes, a button down shirt of Dads, tube tops, wraps and even lingerie.  Bring a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.  One hour before the session roll down the top of those maternity jeans down…no need for elastic marks on your precious bump

Other Things to Think About – Do you have a name picked out? Is there anything you want included in the photos (toys, jewelry, blocks that spell babies name etc.)? Is there a particular type of image you are looking for?

When will I get my pictures?  Your photos should be ready for viewing within two weeks and delivery is typically within 4-6 weeks.