Children Photography

Due to the overwhelming and supportive response from family, friends and clients, I’ve decided to add Toddler and Children Packages for kids ranging from age 1 to the teens.  My style of children photography may be a bit different than most.  I enjoy capturing and watching kids being…well kids!  If that means we need a puddle for your little guy (or girl) to jump in, than we find a puddle.  If it means we stay indoors for a more traditional photo session than we’ll find a place where you child will feel most the comfortable and natural.  Ultimately, what matter that most to me is that YOU have images that showcase your son/daughters personality and maybe, just maybe, a few for their senior slideshow.  : )

The fine details are still in the works, and will be updated as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I’m offering some great portfolio building discounts.  Please contact me via the contact page here for a customized quote and details of the discounts offered.