Trial by fireworks…

Its been awhile since the 4th of July…we’ve all had a chance to reminisce about the what we did or shouldn’t have done.  It’s also given me the opportunity to pore over the images I took.  I started the weekend hoping to get some great firework pictures – needless to say it was a good learning experience!  What I found most challenging was getting the proper focus point while still having a good composition (with the firework in it).  I had read some general guidelines that did help, but in the end, nothing compares to first hand experience.  I had a good idea of where the fireworks were going to be on display, but as with any explosive it was still hard to predict where it was actually going to explode.  I pushed through the frustration and was able to capture a few “good” ones until I looked at my notes…then the real fun started!

The best tip I read was to not forget about your surroundings.  There are some great photo opportunities of catching the people around you as they watch the fireworks.  For me, this meant my nieces, nephews, and the sparklers they were so excited about yet afraid of.  Watching them run around was quite entertaining and rewarding as I turned my focus to longer exposures and light streaking.  As they became more comfortable with the sparks and sparkles I tried to get them to be creative to see what their little minds (and mine for that matter) could come up with.  By far it was the most rewarding part of my holiday celebration, but I must be honest, they weren’t the shots I was after – I wanted the grand finale in all its glory.  It’ll have to wait for next year, but the holiday wasn’t for naught, I’ll take what I’ve learned from this experience and be ready for next year!

In the mean time click on the image below to enjoy some of my favorite shots from the weekend.