I first started thinking about photography on a family vacation to Alaska in 2006.   I grew up in the rolling hills of Wisconsin and then graduated to the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, but Alaskan mountains – in particular Mt. McKinely -simply blew me away.  Seeing mountains rise from sea-level to over 20,000 ft high was one of the most impressive landscapes I have ever seen.  It didn’t stop there – a tour of Denali State Park overwhelmed me with example after example of the beauty and art that nature provides us.  My mind created picture after picture that I wanted to create and capture, but all I had with me was a disposable camera.  Try as I might, there was simply no way to capture the majesty and uniqueness of the landscapes around me with a simple point and shoot.  I walked away from that trip with stunning mental images, and a determination that I wasn’t going to travel again without having a camera that could do justice to the pictures in my head.

Fast forward five years.   I did move up to the realm of digital point and shoot cameras , but this last year, I finally gave myself permission to buy a DSLR to get into photography more seriously.  This growing passion, first initiated by that trip years ago, motivates me to find and capture those moments in time that make us all stop and reflect – to pull us out of the daily grind so we can appreciate something different – even if  it captures something familiar.  Landscapes, weather, animals, people, architecture…all is fair game to my camera lens.

As a commercial airline pilot, I regularly am witness to amazing landscapes.  The view  from 30,000 ft gives us a different perspective of life on the ground, even though they are simply two sides to the same coin.  I strive for my photographs to not only have that ‘moment’ impact, but to help bring a fresh perspective to what we all call home – to help inform and share our stories while illustrating the history of our lives!

My hope is that these images speak to you the same way they spoke to me.  Better yet, I hope they speak to you in a way that only you can explain.  Please feel free to express your impressions and stories from the photos you view – I hope they may inspire you to go somewhere you have never been, to re-visit a place you have already been, to try something you haven’t tried, or that they simply put a smile on your face on a day when you need it.

Lastly, I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge my amazingly beautiful and loving wife Barbara.  You have inspired, encouraged, and supported me from the beginning.  I could not have done this without you and I love you dearly!

Thanks for visiting!

~Heith Heitkamp