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New York New York…

Wow…its been awhile since I’ve updated my blog and for that I sincerely apologize. I must admit though, this whole wedding planning thing is time consuming and never ending, however the end is in sight – the wedding is next weekend!  Amid all the planning I did have the opportunity to get out and take some pictures.

September 11th, 2001 was a day that we will always remember for a multitude of reasons.  This past September I had the humbling experience of being in the heart of downtown New York where it all took place.  Excited as I was I found out the Ground Zero Memorial was closed off to only  family members, but I quickly realized I was being selfish and came to respect those who perished, their loved ones/families and gave them the space they deserve.  It was a somber scene, yet the further I walked the more I began to realize that time does heal and people are eager to move forward.  This eagerness to move forward is hard to miss…One World Trade Center is getting higher as each day passes and the New York skyline is beginning to take shape.  When finished One World Trade Center will stand 1,776 feet high, matching the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Seven towers, memorials and museums are all planned.  For more information about the construction of WTC click here.

While the skyline is slowly rising the festivities below were in full swing and this is were I focused my attention and camera.  I found it unique that while standing in the same spot I could capture the hustle and bustle we all know as New York, then turn around a see the resulting side affect.  The Statue of Liberty stood tall with bright blue skies and wispy clouds which made for some stunning black and white images.  Local artists had their own human rendition of the famed Lady Liberty.  Monuments clearly displayed the pain and suffering that once was while signaling the hope for the future.  From the depths of the subway to the tops Freedom tower it was an amazing experience.

Click on the image below to see a slideshow of the images from my NYC outing.


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