Minneapolis after Dark

It had been a perfect day, calm winds, clear skies and the perfect temperature.  For once I thought things might work to capture an awesome sunset.  Since it had been clear all day and forecast to remain that way all night I knew I wasn’t going to capture amazing clouds, however I was hoping for some breathtaking colors.  I was especially excited because I had set up a time to meet with a good friend, Nathan Ashby, to show me a few tips.  After a wonderful dinner we headed out.  We arrived on location to realize that I had driven by this location numerous times but kept driving as the perfectly positioned overpass had a safety fence.  What I didn’t know is many photographers before me had cut some perfectly sized holes in the fence fit for a lens.  After playing with composition and exposure I finally had the frame I was looking for.  The colors did not disappoint.


As the sun set further and the light be darker I turned my attention to another of my favorite images to capture…light streaks.  Timing the traffic and the exposure can be challenging to say the least but its always a welcome challenge.


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