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Time Travel

After taking some images of the Sculpture Garden I walked over the pedestrian overpass and started to take some photos of the Minneapolis Skyline.  After the sun had set I started packing up my gear, only to quickly unpack it again.  The beautiful dark blue sky combined with the ambient light lighting the bridge made for some amazing color interaction.  I made me feel as if I was about to enter a time warp as the beams created an intricate pattern on the overpass floor.


Minneapolis Farmers Market

Ahhhh….the Farmers Market.  A great place to see local talent, get locally grown veggies, fruits and more.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day…clear skies and 70 degrees.  While walking through the market I noticed three kids, who appeared to be brothers, playing around as kids do.  After watching them for awhile they began playing a different kind of hide-and-seek.  This version required the need to look through a mail slot to see if they could find each other.  After a little convincing I asked them to see if they could find me.  I went behind the door (pretending to hide) and was able to capture this image.  Success…they found me and I found them.

A few smiles and laughs later they were dubbed The Three Amigos.

Gracias mis amigos!!!

More images from this day can be seen here!

Maui Moments

Jumping off cliffs, Haleakala sunrise, the back road to Hona, lava fields, sunsets…just to name a few things.  I had to ask myself on the way home if I’d actually had a “vacation”; which clearly means it was amazing.  More photos coming soon…you won’t want to miss these!