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Please leave a message….

Please leave a message after the beep, i’m currently enjoying all of the following…sunrise, sunset, ocean waves, sea breezes, yeah doesn’t get much better than this!!!  I’ll return with memories and images to share.  Stay tuned!!

Day Two…

The objective for the day…add a gallery to my website.  When contemplating the idea of displaying multiple images on the internet, I thought it might be a good idea to look into protecting my images.  Heaven forbid, someone try to contact me if they wanted to use an image.  Suffice to say it has been interesting, and eye opening learning all the techniques and processes to protect images from the “bad guys”.  It appears, to me anyway, the toughest part is putting these protective touches into my work-flow and making it streamline.

After a long day of work I forced myself to get out of the hotel in Louisville, KY and enjoy some evening sun and the pending sunset.  My intent was to go downtown and capture the nightlife of Louisville.  The public transportation schedule had a different plan for me apparently.  Luckily the Kentucky Exposition Center was across the street.  As I approached the entrance I was informed the Miniature Rabbit Breeders Conference was in town for the Easter weekend.  Sorry no pictures of rabbits, yet anyway.  Instead, I noticed a rose garden memorial, which allowed me to practice some flower/macro photography, an empty amusement park and some nice architectural building to practice on.  After about 30 minutes of watching, the security guard finally got the courage to approach me.  A few good stories and a couple of questions later they were convinced I was not a threat to Kentucky’s security and I continued shooting.  On that note…enjoy my rendition of the Kentucky Miniature Rabbit Breeders Conference.


The Adventure Begins!!!

Welcome to!  My goal is to share my love for photography through a website that I’m designing from scratch…and by scratch I mean no website programming or design experience of any kind!!  Join me throughout the process and see it evolve right in front of your own eyes.  Along the way I hope you see some pictures that speak to you as they did me.  As the website takes shape, I intend to include purchase options on all photos.  Thanks for visiting and may the journey be rewarding and educational.